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Rostec Engineering Administration: Christianehøj 43, 2860 Søborg, Denmark - Email rostec@rostec.dk - Phone +45 3967 6438
19" frame General Purpose Unit Generators: DSG3 Audio Reference Generator DSG5E Audio Reference Generator and E1 G.703 Synchronizer      Audio converters: ADD24 24bit/96kHz AD Converter DAA24 24bit/96kHz DA Converter DAA192  24bit/108 kHz SR-DA Converter SRC242 24bit/96kHz SR Converter Interfaces: ADIS8  AES Distribution Amplifier WDIS8 Word Distribution Amplifier LDIS8 Linear Distribution Amplifier T535E 2Mbit E1 G703 Xmtr. Interface AS41 E1/T1 Autoswitch
19” Standard Series ASD8V  Reference Generator ASD8S Audio Reference Generator APV4 PAL Black Generator ADDA16 Modular High Performance AD-DA Converter Stand Alone Boxes CP390 Consumer/Pro Interface